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Gamers in Buffalo, NY

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UBConXX [Apr. 4th, 2009|12:07 pm]
Gamers in Buffalo, NY

The students from the University at Buffalo's Gaming and Anime clubs [SARPA and UBAnime] are proud to present:
UBConXX--Delusions of Grandeur
UB's 20th Annual Gaming and Anime Convention!
One of the largest of its kind in WNY!

Don't spend the weekend alone. Head up to UB's Student Union to play LARPS and RPGs for 72 hours. In between gaming stop by the Maid Cafe, where cute girls dressed in Anime-Cosplay-Maid outfits will serve you yummy food you can eat in one of our many Anime rooms (or Hentai rooms if you'd like that better)!

If you're into even more action than LARPS and RPGs, come for our NERF WAR OF 75 PEOPLE! Friday and Saturday night!

If Cosplaying is your thing--great! Come show off your stuff at our Friday night Costume Contest! All costumes accepted at long as they are "tasteful"! "Non-cosplay" costumes desired as well! Impress us!

Guest this year: Kyle Hebert--Voice actor for Dragon Ball Z (announcer, Gohan), Naruto (Kiba), Bleach (Ganju,) Gurren Lagann (Kamina) and more!

Prereg for an event or check out more at: